Stability analysis of rheology of worm-like micellar solutions

In this talk, I briefly described the content of my bachelor’s thesis that was submitted to my home university (see Publications for further information). Feel free to use any of this material. Please just give credit to the original author.

PDF file here: Stability analysis of rheology micellar sol


In this talk, I made a brief introduction to a non-Newtonian model (which is called the BMP model, that is used to describe complex fluids that present flow-induced changes in their internal structure such as polymer-like micellar solutions and liquid cristal polymers) and the chemistry behind micellar solutions.

In 1873, a thermodynamic equation that was able to describe gases, liquids and liquid to gas-phase transition under a given set of pressure, temperature and volumen conditions, was derived by Johannes Diderik Van der Waals. A stability analysis of shear stress versus shear rate curves (in simple-shear flow) of worm-like micellar solutions was made using Van der Waals’ thermodynamical approach, along with the BMP model. Chaos and bifurcation theory, chemical kinetics, thermodynamic and mechanical potentials were useful to me to explain and analyse non-linear phenomena which were observed on this research, such as multiple-steady states, phase-coexistance, phase-transition, critical point and shear-banding.

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