A brief introduction to Transport Phenomena

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PDF file here: Seminar UCL Transport Phenomena 2016


Conservation laws are fundamental to our understanding of the physical world.  Each conservation law states that the total value of the quantity governed by that law, (e.g., energy) remains unchanged during physical processes. Although momentum, energy and mass transfer were developed independently as branches of classical physics long ago, Byron Bird (1960) unified their study through the publication of the textbook called Transport Phenomena, which gives an integrated view of the transport of three physical quantities (momentum, energy and mass). With many important daily-life applications, and in new areas such as biotechnology and polymer science, transport phenomena has found its place  as one of the fundamental engineering sciences.

In this talk, I will mention some historical aspects about transport phenomena and explain basic concepts of the laws of conservation, but most importantly, I will focus on showing the mathematical similarity among the three transport processes (diffusion and governing equations, dimensionless numbers, etc). Time permitting, I will mention some daily-life applications.

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