The following seminars were given at the Department of Mathematics of UCL, as part of the postgraduate seminars organised by Ph.D. students in mathematicsSome of these talks were also given at Postgraduate Fluid Mechanics seminar, UCL-ICL day and UCL Mexican Society Talk about.  Please feel free to use any material. Just give a contribution to the original author.

Vernon Harrison Award Lecture

19th January, 2021

My thesis “Channel flow instabilities of complex fluids” was selected the winner of the Vernon Harrison Award for the most distinguished PhD thesis in rheology, a prize given by the British Society of Rheology. My lecture award was presented at the Mid-Winter online meeting hosted by Swansea University.

Channel flow instabilities of complex fluids

UCL postgraduate seminars

25th February 2016

Stability analysis of rheology of worm-like micellar solutions

19th May 2016

A brief introduction to transport phenomena

9th November 2016

The Weissenberg number: the prince of dimensionless numbers in fluids

5th December 2016

Numbers, physics and Santa Claus

30th November 2017

“Everything flows”: Rheology, the science of deformation. A brief introduction.

7th December 2017

Science and Christmas

22nd March 2018

The fluid mechanics of Thixotropic Visco-Elasto-Plastic materials


Presentation of my paper Towards a mechanism for instability in channel flow of highly shear-thinning viscoelastic fluids in the Society of Rheology 89th Annual Meeting, October 8-12, 2017- Denver, Colorado, USA.

Poster presentation of Ph.D. research, Instabilities in shear‐thinning fluids, UK fluids conference 2016