Chalkdust online articles

Chalkdust online articles

  • I chatted with Dr. Lluis Masanes, who proved mathematically one of the key postulates of the third law of thermodynamics. His paper called A general derivation and quantification of the third law of thermodynamics was published in Nature Communications 14, March 2017. I wrote a blog post about it in Chalkdust magazine. Read it here. This blog post also was in Physics-hot section on the social network Reddit: it was number one for two days, and it was voted positively with over 95%. It is also one of the most read blogs of Chalkdust magazine.


  • I wrote a blog about snowflakes, where the process of formation of a snowflake is explained. Stunning-real pictures of snowflakes were provided by Professor. K. Libbrecht. Snowflake, the symbol of winter: different sizes, infinite shapes, published as special entry on December 8th, 2016, as part of the Chalkdust advent calendar. This blog post was in Physics-hot section on the social network Reddit: it was number one during one whole day, and it was voted positively with over 89%.


  • Motivated by the upcoming UEFA Champions League final, I wrote a very footballish article, where I analyse the science and mathematics behind the most spectacular free-kick ever scored by Roberto Carlos. Read it here.


  • I wrote a series of blogs for the football World Cup season. The first one is Bend it like Newton, where it is shown the mathematical equations that describe the most commonly observed trajectories in football. The second one is The maths behind a chip goal, where I analysed the maths and physics required to execute a good chip shot. Some of the words of this blog appeared in ShortList magazine. For more information, see here.


  • Oktoberfest is the world’s largest festival held in Munich and celebrated in many parts of the world. Motivated by that, some weeks ago I wrote an article about the mathematics of brewing, which includes some pictures taken by myself during my visit to The Heineken experience, and other wonderful images provided by my brewer colleagues.
The ingredients of a beer, CC-BY-2.0
  • In collaboration with some of my colleagues, we wrote an online blog where we show how crime science, and the math it uses, is helping the police to fight crimes. Catching criminal with maths, published on November 24, 2016.


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