I am a 3rd-year PhD student in Mathematics at University College London (UCL). My research interests are non-Newtonian fluid dynamics (fluids that do not behave like the standard),  rheology (the science of deformation) and transport phenomena (transfer of physical quantities such as momentum, energy and mass).  I am under the supervision of Professor Helen J. Wilson and we are currently studying flow instabilities in viscoelastic materials (fluids that behave like both solid and liquid), shear-thinning fluids (for instance, chocolate and mayonnaise) and thixotropic fluids (structured fluids with time-dependent viscosity).

I have a MsC and a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, both awarded by  the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I used to work as a research assistant at Materials Institute Research (IIM-UNAM) under the supervision of Professor Octavio Manero Brito. We both were interested in the behaviour of micellar solutions under flow. We used structural models and irreversible thermodynamics for its study, and our research led to the publication of a paper and a book (see Publications menu for further information).

I recently joined to Chalkdust, a magazine for the mathematically curious, where I occasionally write some blogs.

I have a general interest in science, and if it involves mathematics, that would make me happier. I like teaching, football and dogs (as my picture suggests). I also have a Youtube channel called Hugo Castillo, where I upload videos of the gigs I have attendend to. I have also collaborated with web pages by writing some blogs about concert reviews.